Week two brings cherries and collard greens

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According to the latest Great Country Farms newsletter:

In your box this week you will find:

  • Lettuce
  • Spring Onions
  • Collard Greens
  • Sweet Cherries– a long awaited first for our CSA
  • Garlic scape (curly Q looking green stem; prepare like you would garlic)
  • Strawberries

Well, the box arrived yesterday, and to my surprise we had quite a few extras. Notably, a tiny little plant, which at first I couldn’t identify, but then we decided had to be dill. It’s the exact same size as the basil plant from last week, and I’m really excited that this farm share is helping us cultivate our own garden in the back yard. At this rate, we will have tons of little herbs and plants by fall!

In addition to the above list, we also got even more asparagus! I’m most excited about the cherries. However,  the cherries are very small. They are also very tart. I guess that’s a local grown Virginia cherry for you…

Stay tuned for a recipe with collard greens and spaghetti squash–coming up later this week!


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