I’m obsessed with these cherries

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So…I thought they deserved a private photo shoot in my backyard…

But seriously, these are the most beautiful cherries I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a shame they don’t taste nearly as good as they look. Does anyone know if there’s a special tool you can buy that pits cherries for you? If we get more next week, I’d like to make a pie or tart out of them. I think that might make them better–to add inhumane amounts of sugar and flour and bake it all together until it tastes delicious.

While I had my camera out, I figured I should also show you how our basil plant (planted one week ago) is progressing. We have some little herb boxes right outside of our front door, and we planted this little basil immediately after we got it. I’m really impressed with the progress. I remember thinking it could never make large enough leaves to actually cook with–but sure enough–she’s on her way…see for yourself below.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this. When this week’s shipment arrived, I left it on the floor right by the front door. About two hours later (AHH!) we realized there were ants crawling all over it. I want to make it very clear that these ants had absolutely nothing to do with Great Country Farms, and everything to do with them being way to close to the sidewalk and the front door. Completely my fault. Still–I spent about 30 minutes washing the lettuce, asparagus and onions, piece by piece, and leaf by leaf. I’m still nervous that I’m going to eat an ant, but it seems to be ant-free. I had some of the asparagus tonight. Worst case scenario, I guess ants are considered to be extra protein.

Tiny basil - Week 1
Basil - Week 2

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