Aloe Vera, Coconut Water and Cashew Hemp Mylk: Day 1 of the Juice Cleanse

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FarmShareTheLove is back this week with a special guest blogger: Melissa Dolan

Melissa, a 7-month New York City resident  is embarking on her first-ever juice cleanse (which seem to be all the rage these days) and we know you’re wondering exactly what it entails. She’s not the first in her office to try a juice cleanse. In fact, more than 15 of the 40 people in her office have tried one in the past couple weeks. The good news is, Melissa has offered to write about it for the next 3 days, chronicling her struggles, successes, and overall feelings (or lack of feelings) about the process.

Melissa has chosen Organic Avenue to supply her with her juice “meals” for the next three days. All of the juices are raw (unheated), organic (no chemicals added), and vegan (no animal by-products). You can read more about the cleanse on their website.

I’ll let Melissa take it from here…


Day One

I woke up pretty excited today, but by 7:45AM while I was walking Beauregard, I was already starving. After passing McDonald’s and thinking about how that would be my first stop once this cleanse is over, I headed to the 6 train, which is my usual route to work. However, instead of getting off at Grand Central, I went one stop further to 51st street, where I have never ventured before (subway station only, don’t worry, I have been north of 51st street in Manhattan). Who knew there would be a Dunkin Donuts IN THE STATION!? Like I said, I was already starving so I almost turned around.

When I walked into Organic Avenue, the woman behind the counter asked if I had any questions (this is pretty straightforward right? I mean, I just have to drink the juice and resist McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts and I am on my way to a detoxified-cleansified-healthy-life-until-I-break-this-cleanse-with-14-adult-beverages-on-Saturday, right?).

Juice One – Aloe Vera: I couldn’t help thinking about the gel you put on sunburns when I pulled this one out of the box. Expecting it to be the same unnatural green, I was shocked when the juice was crystal clear. Aloe Vera juice detoxifies the body and cleanses the colon (read: I’ll have dia—– in an hour). The juice tastes like a swimming pool, so I kind of like it. I’m already struggling with the no chugging rule.

Annnnnd there went juice one. While typing this blog I just spilled the remaining half glass of my “breakfast” (as if Aloe was supposed to fill me up until 11:00AM) all over my keyboard. I knew I should have chugged this. Maybe I won’t have dia—– after all. Better luck on juice two.

Juice Two – Coconut Water: I have to say, I was dreading this one the most. Other brands of coconut water that I have tried in the past taste like straight up sunscreen, but I find Organic Avenue’s coconut water quite delicious. I already spilled a few drops as I was opening this one up – I have spilled more stuff on myself today – good thing I am still on the clear liquids. Coconut water keeps the body cool and at the proper temperature (just great since I am already freezing in our low-budget heating methods at work) and carries a billion other nutrients that do just about everything you could think of – increase metabolism, boost the immune system, fight viruses, cleanse the digestive tract, increase hydration, control diabetes, fight the flu and prevent STDS – basically coconut water is the anti-Friday night.

Juice Three – Pear Juice: As soon as noon hit, I was in the kitchen for juice number three. I felt pretty full after the coconut water, but I think that was due to the shear amount of liquid in these bottles (16 ounces). By noon I was ready for some real calories given the first two “juices” were basically water. The pear juice tastes the best so far. I think the main purpose of the pear juice is to add a tasty treat to the cleanse – the only health benefit of pear is a healthy dose of fiber. Speaking of fiber, I decided to forgo my usual vitamin regime for the next three days in order to completely detoxify. I also felt a cold coming on yesterday, but decided not to start my usual over-dosing on Mucinex, and see what three days of healthy eating (well, drinking) could do for me instead.

Juice Four – Turmeric Tonic: I am exhausted from lack of caffeine. By now I would have had a giant mug of coffee and a Coke Zero. I tried to wean myself from caffeine before starting this cleanse, well sort of. Actually I just cut out my afternoon Coke Zero yesterday. Anyways, this juice tastes like Indian food, no joke. Luckily I like Indian food. Turmeric is a cleansing herb used for digestive disturbances (ie the ones this cleanse will inevitably cause) as well as the treatment of fever, infections, dysentery, arthritis, jaundice and other liver problems. I would like to point out here that I am over half way done with my juices, but in no way am I half way done with my work day. I expect to work until at least 11PM this evening, meaning I have nine more hours of work and only three more juices, with the last one at 8PM. Things are going to get weird.

Juice Five – Carrot Juice: I am stuffed at this point and my stomach hurts. But, carrot juice is one of my favorites at Organic Avenue and I started drinking this particular juice long before this cleanse, so hopefully this will be a tasty treat. I’m hoping to avoid spilling this one since that bright orange color will definitely destroy my pants in a very noticeable way. Anyways, Carrot juice is packed full of minerals and health benefits include prenatal health, eyesight, bones and teeth, liver, nails, skin and hair. At this point in the day (4:00PM), I have a mild fever, which I am told is normal. I’d expect nothing less after stopping my former lifestyle cold-turkey (more on that later, perhaps tomorrow). I’m also really craving food right about now, which is largely attributable to the fact that the admins behind me are planning out five days of lavish food for our annual Vail retreat (principals and above, so don’t be jealous, I don’t get to go).

Juice Six – Green LOVE: I dumped half of the carrot juice down the drain, which I regretted ~20 minutes later because I started to feel hungry. At this point in the day, I’m feeling a little juiced out. I’ll frame it up for you this way – it’s kind of like when you drink too much of one particular alcoholic beverage (think all day pool party where all you have had is vodka tonics with lime) and all you want is to switch to beer. I’m sick of the sweet taste of the juice and really craving some salt about now.

Green LOVE is one of Organic Avenue’s signature juices. From my perspective, it looks like something they drank on Ghostbusters. This juice is packed with greens, pear and lemon and contains my entire daily vegetable requirements. Apparently it’s going to give me a jolt of energy as well. Challenge. I spoke too soon – take me back to the sweet juices please. One sip into this juice. This. Is. My. Everest. It tastes like freshly cut grass.

Juice Seven – Cashew Hemp Mylk: In addition to cleansing, sweating is a really good way to get toxins out of the body. Since I don’t have access to anything as fancy as a steam room or yoga here at work, I sweat it out the old-fashioned way with a 45 minute spinning workout. I surprisingly had enough energy to sprint the last two miles (in true retired-athlete form), so perhaps Green LOVE really did give me a jolt of energy. While I was in the gym, I fantasized about all of my usual Seamless Web orders. For the record, I order dinner from the same four places every single week, and sometimes I order from just one of the four for an entire week straight. Just last week I was complaining about how sick I am of ordering take-out, but here I am missing it after day one.

This cashew hemp mylk is exactly what I need right now. Packed with fatty acids and protein, this is a great post-workout meal and will definitely help me get through the next two hours of work. It tastes absolutely delicious and has a milkshake consistency (I wish I had two). Well, I’m almost through day one of three. So far, while I have intense cravings for food, I feel full and satisfied and have enough energy to get through the day. After this mylk, it’s just water until tomorrow. Wish me luck!



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