Time for LENT.

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Ah yes, it’s that time of year again…Lent is upon us.  Whether or not you are practicing Lent for religious reasons, Lent is a perfect time to learn more about yourself through sacrifice, self-discipline, and reflection.      

The past several years, Christina and I have observed Lent through different types of fasting.  Last year, I decided to give up meat as part of Lent, and found that meat was no longer a necessary part of my diet, hence why I continue to be a vegetarian.  I also gave up chocolate, which I found isa necessary part of my diet, thus continue to gorge myself on chocolate on a daily basis.

After giving up chocolate and meat last year, I realized that this year I had to do something to step up my game.  So this year for Lent, I’m going vegan.  This means no animal bi-products, thus no meat, dairy, eggs, or fish for forty days. (Please note: I’m giving myself no more than two “cheat” weekends in case of emergency.)  It’s going to be extremely difficult, but lucky for you all, you get to learn about my journey into the world of all things vegan.  I’ve decided to keep you all updated as I try out new recipes, vegan items, and complain about things like nutritional yeast and egg replacements.  Hopefully it will be a positive learning experience for everyone!   

Christina is also observing Lent this year, and will be giving up processed foods, cheese, and desserts.  She’ll be giving us updates on her progress, as well as her favorite recipes and always beautiful photography.

 This is an extremely difficult feat, which will require a ton of homecooked meals, so we hope you all stay tuned to hear about our experiences.  We will be alternating days so you can get the full scoop on our Lenten festivities. 

No, no. See you in 40 days!

Also, we’d love to get your feedback about what you’re most looking forward to reading during our Lenten blogging.  We would love if you could take 2 seconds to answer the poll below!


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